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Video News from TAC - April 2014



Biscayne shipwrecks: Mandalay; Hidden Cave


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(1) Divers and snorkelers can tour six shipwrecks on the Maritime Heritage Trail in Biscayne National Park.  Before her complete ruin upon the reefs in 1966, the yacht Mandalay was an impressive two-masted sailing ship.  (2) Formed under the tumultuous waves of Pleistocene Lake Lahontan, Hidden Cave was sealed from access until the indigenous people of the Carson Sink in western Nevada 3,800-3,500 years ago discovered it.  But then it became an important part of their lives as they harvested the natural foods of their land.

Video News from TAC - March 2014



Biscayne shipwrecks: Alicia; Iran 2013; Magnetometry at Ocmulgee


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(1) Divers and snorkelers can tour six shipwrecks on the Maritime Heritage Trail in Biscayne National Park.  The Alicia ran aground in the Bay in 1905.  (2) In December 2013, ALI Executive Director Rick Pettigrew served as a juror in Tehran for the Cinema Verite Iran International Documentary Film Festival.  (3) In 2011, geophysical instruments maker, Geometrics, teamed with University of Georgia Ph.D. student Dan Bigman to perform a magnetometer survey at Ocmulgee National Monument to image buried features.

Video News from TAC - February 2014



Guam: The Ocean Oasis


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Separated by 1500 miles from the nearest large land mass, Guam saw the first human migrants 3500 or more years ago.  These colonists participated in the longest over-water migration in human history up to that point and became the native Chamorros of Guam and its sister islands.  Their cultural identity lives on despite centuries of colonialism, devastation in war and the influences of the modern global economy.  After bridge construction reveals human burials in an ancient village site, the ALI film team explores the native culture and its people.

Video News from TAC - January 2014



Shipwrecks of Biscayne National Park; story of Stone Mother; Building in Conflict


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(1) Visitors to the Maritime Historic Trail are invited to explore a series of shipwrecks in the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay National Park in southeastern Florida.  (2) Northern Paiute Elder Ralph Burns tells the traditional story of Stone Mother, a tufa rock formation on the east side of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, first in Paiute and then in English.  (3) Bombing in the the night of 24 November 1940 destroyed the city center of Bristol, UK.  A combination of oral history and archival footage captures the meaning of a city transformed through conflict.

Video News from TAC - December 2013



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Palestine architectural restoration; Etruscan Odyssey


(1) The Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation for more than two decades has used architecture to restore more than 100 historic sites in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  In 2012, Riwaq won the Curry Stone Design Prize for designers addressing critical social needs.  (2) Archaeologists have long grappled with questions about Etruscan origins and their way of life.  Gregory Warden of Southern Methodist University is employing some new methods and coming up with some new answers.

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Audio News from Archaeologica, 6 April - 12 April 2014

Jesus’wife papyrus tested; old boats in Irish loch; Ancestral Puebloan turquoise trade; Egyptian-era sarcophagus in Israel.

Audio News from Archaeologica, 30 March - 5 April 2014

Byzantine monks and asbestos paint; aerial photography at Phoenician colony in Spain; infrared reveals architecture at Chacoan outlier site; Silk Road nomads spread agriculture very early.

Audio News from Archaeologica, 23 March - 29 March 2014

Big and early settlement beneath planned Arizona mall; old yacht on Isle of Man; Egyptian inscription of Roman Emperor as Pharaoh; Maya skulls evidence spiked clubs.

Audio News from Archaeologica, 16 March - 22 March 2014

Elite Maya households in Belize; hard evidence of fateful battle on the America Plains; chicken DNA study in the Pacific; letter from Egyptian solder in the Roman army.

Audio News from Archaeologica, 9 March - 15 March 2014

Humans modified SE Asia forests 11,000 years ago; Mexican pyramid risks collapse; 9000 year old bone staff in Syria; medieval grave eroding from Wales cliff face.

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